1" Sweat MIXCAL 3-way Thermostatic Mixing Valve w/ Temperature Gauge & Check Valve

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Caleffi 521 Mix Cal with Gauge

Adjustable thermostatic mixing valve for point of distribution in domestic water systems and radiant hydronic heating systems.

  • Low-lead brass body.
  • Locking set point knob.
  • Max. working pressure: 200 psi.
  • Max. inlet temperature: 200ºF.
  • Adjustable range: 85—150ºF.
  • Min. flow for optimum performance: 1.0 gpm.
  • Optional Gauge scale: 30—210ºF

Compliance with the following codes:  IPC, IRC, UPC and NPC for use in accordance with the U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes

Compliance with the following standards:  
     ASSE 1017-2009
     CSA B125.3-2012
     NSF/ANSI 372 - 2016, Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content
     Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, California Health and Safety Code 116875
     S.3874, Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act