Initial VIP Plumber Program

Free Shipping!

Plumbers must fill out the form for VIP on our website before signing up here. 

** Become a VIP member (paying annually) before the end of 2022, and you get the rest of 2022 for FREE (next due date not until 12/31/2023!) **   

This rate is locked in (grandfathered in) for LIFE, as you remain on the VIP program  You can cancel at any time, keeping the balance of the time remaining on the program however cannot sign back up again to the program for one year from date of cancellation and lose any "grandfathered" pricing.  You would be subject to the current annual rates upon to returning to the program.    

Minimum $10,000 in purchases per year to remain a VIP member

Quarterly payments are for new members only and allowed through the first year (after 4th payment), then you must transition to annual membership at annual rate you joined up under.