Watersignal Monitoring Service

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After ordering we will contact you to confirm the proper meter and recommend a local plumber to install if available, or work with your plumber of choice!  


Alert Notification System – Our continuous monitoring system will immediately send catastrophic leak alerts within minutes to management/maintenance 24/7
via SMS text or email. Alert levels are fully customizable to the individual property.

Analysis – In order to detect pre-existing or ongoing leaks, our technical staff
compares your usage against industry averages and typical consumption patterns for properties of similar size and demographic.

Property Survey – If requested, we will conduct a thorough property tour and
assessment of your community including fixture inventory, to better understand
usage patterns and on-site conditions. We will also walk your entire property
looking for excessive vegetation and/or signs of erosion that could indicate past
or present leaks.


Water Bill Analysis – We will provide a charted analysis of past water consumption, including gallons per unit/day and costs per square foot/year, as a baseline to
compare to industry benchmarks.

Portfolio Dashboard – Compare your water costs and usage by community,
allowing side-by-side comparisons across your portfolio.

Online Data Review – Access your data 24/7 through our secure web portal. Data can easily be exported via Excel format or printed as PDF.

Onsite Consultation – Our field technicians can guide your staff in locating leaks and implementing inspection procedures.

Irrigation System Management – We will analyze your irrigation usage for
excessive consumption, faulty rain sensors, inoperable irrigation panels, and
damaged equipment.