AutoFill™ Automatic Filling Valve

$58.99 $49.99

· Automatic fast filling which fast fills the system to set pressure then automatically shuts off the water feed, no levers to flip or valves to close

· Maintains stable pressure at pre-setting. Fill the system to a set pressure and maintain that pressure regardless of inlet pressure variations

· Built in shut off valve and check valve. Allows isolation of system from supply and check valve prevents loss of system pressure.

· Pre-calibration, use a screwdriver to turn dial to intended system pressure. Set it and forget it

· Anti-scale polymer materials, prevents scaling on internal sliding surfaces, assuring stable pressure control and long operating life

Pre-adjustable, automatic filling valve.

Anti-scale with visual system pressure setting indicator.  
Complete with manual shut-off valve, strainer and check valve.
Brass body.
Max inlet pressure:  230 psi
Max working temp:  150˚F
Setting pressure range:  3 - 60 psi
Preset outlet pressure:  15 psi